Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

In hot stone massage, heated stones are placed on the client’s body as a type of therapy. The client will lie in a quiet room with soft music playing. The massage therapist will heat the stones to around 120 to 130 degrees. The therapist will usually place the stones on the back and hands and sometimes between the toes.
The stones help prepare the body for a massage by heating and relaxing the muscles. The massage therapist will also stroke the client’s muscles with a big flat stone. He will also use oils while massaging the client. The stones used are very smooth, and they are usually river rocks or basalt, which have a high iron content enabling the stones to retain heat. The therapist will sterilize the stones in heated water before using them.

What Is Hot Stone Massage Used For?

Muscle Relaxation

The hot stones help people’s muscles relax, which makes it easier for the massage therapist to do their work. Very tense muscles can impede a massage, so the therapist can use the hot stones to relax the client’s muscles. Hot stone massage can also relieve muscle spasms and strains.

Pain Relief

All of the various types of massage can relieve the pain caused by tight muscles, injuries, or stiff joints. Hot stone massage is more effective than some other types of massage because the hot stones help relax the muscles and allow the massage therapist to penetrate deeper into the muscles. Hot stone massage can be used to treat conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

Better Circulation

The massage therapist usually places the hot stones on the body’s trigger points before starting the massage. The stones’ heat gradually penetrates into the body’s tissues and causes the blood vessels to open, thereby improving the client’s circulation. Good circulation causes more oxygen to reach the muscles and thereby relieve pain, while poor circulation can lead to a buildup of fluid and lactic acid in the muscles. Poor circulation can also cause fatigue. Improved circulation also aids the digestive system and stimulates the immune system.

Anxiety and Related Conditions

Studies have shown that massage therapy can help relieve anxiety and depression. It can also be used to treat insomnia. A good massage makes the client more relaxed which makes it easier for them to fall asleep.

Who Should Not Have Hot Stone Massage?

People with high blood pressure and pregnant women should not undergo hot stone massage. People with reddened, inflamed or infected skin should also not have hot stone massages. People with a history of blood clots or severe and painful varicose veins should avoid massage therapy of any type. Other people should consult their doctor beforehand. At The Best Day Spa, we offer different types of massage therapy to help you feel your best. Our team will work with you to customize your massage to your needs. Contact The Best Day Spa today to schedule your next massage.