Ashiatsu Massage
(Barefoot Massage with Oil)

The deepest therapeutic massage with most amazing use of the human foot

Ashiatsu has its roots in the Far East, utilizing techniques that have been around for thousands of years. This ancient Eastern technique meets the West, using the best combined elements of traditional Thai massage, barefoot Shiatsu from Japan and Keralite massage from southern India, with underlining dynamics in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The term Ashiatsu comes from the Japanese words for "foot" (ashi) and "pressure" (atsu).


60 min $99
90 min $139
120 min $179
  • Single room only
  • Minimal draping: If you are modest, please wear underwear.
  • Limited availability: Advance booking recommended.
  • Clean feet: Before each Ashiatsu session, the therapist feet are cleansed and sanitized.

Experiene magic feet: the incredible guilty pleasure

Ashiatsu therapist hangs from bars, uses her feet to massage...something you must treat yourself to

Supported by wooden bars suspended from the ceiling and balancing above you, the therapist's well-trained, incredibly sensitive feet deliver continuous deep pressure and slow flowing strokes with dance-like movements. This specialized form of effleurage bodywork done with the feet is popular among athletes and bodybuilders who demand deep work. Yet the Western technique with Asian roots is deeply relaxing and stress-relieving for all different body types, large or small.

How It Works: Feet are bigger and stronger than hands. With the added use of gravity, you are actually being walked on. The whole muscle groups are moved and compressed at the same time. This depth and the exquisite precision of placement are what make Ashiatsu so marvelous.

Many clients say they will never go back to traditional hand massage after experiencing Ashiatsu as it provides an incredibly deep massage while still being gentle. Another advantage to ashiatsu—getting massaged by a foot instead of a hand—feels less intimate and less awkward for those who are uncomfortable having a stranger touch their body with her hands.

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Ashiatsu brings relief to:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Tight and painful hamstrings and calves
  • Fibrosis